Migrant or refugee

When you arrive in Europe, and also later when you are in the process of integration into the society that has welcomed you, there are many barriers and difficulties that you must overcome: the new language, the complexity of the documentation you have to deal with and the educational, cultural and social distance with your new compatriots. Interaction with social professionals and public administration who are there to help you is not always easy. Maybe they don't speak your language, they don't have the right solutions for your needs, or they just don't understand your problems.

WELCOME is a project that offers you tools that you can use very easily on a tablet or PC/laptop to overcome these difficulties and obstacles. You will discover that there will be an avatar that will act as an intermediator between you and the public administration and as your personal assistant or coach. It will speak to you in your language, ask for information that the public administration needs, answer your questions, help you with your language, social inclusion and labour courses, and so on. It will be always there to support you! And don’t worry, we will always make sure that your personal data are well protected and are not misused.

support of migrants and refugees language teaching personalized embodied conversation agents social and societal inclusion decision support multilingual language technologies virtual/augmented reality knowledge processing