I am member of a public administration or an NGO

Members of public administrations and NGOs involved in the reception, orientation, and integration of migrants and refugees will have at their disposal the platform of intelligent conversational agents – as the social workers will, in order to carry out more efficiently the activities related to reception, orientation and integration. On the other hand, WELCOME will offer an intelligent situation-aware decision support that will help them in their daily case-to-case decision making, taking into account the needs and context of each migrant or refugee without time consuming consultation of records. beyond attending only the migrant population. It sets the ground for personalized basic care and social coaching in general. Offered as a smart phone/tablet and PC/laptop platform, the agent would attend the users in their native language, give them advice, provide background information, guide them, if needed, in their choice of a social worker, coach them on documents and administrative procedures for reception an integration, etc.

support of migrants and refugees language teaching personalized embodied conversation agents social and societal inclusion decision support multilingual language technologies virtual/augmented reality knowledge processing